Meet the Team

We’re a full-service Columbus web design agency with an extended network of professionals in a wide variety of creative fields. As a team, we’ve worked on over 100 projects across approximately 30 industries. Here are the friendly faces that make things happen at Chek Creative.

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Joe Chekanoff

Founder, Developer

Motivated by the process of transforming and empowering organizations. Perpetually learning how to play the piano.

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Ryan Piechuta

Front End Developer

Once won an award for top-notch aquarium keeping, can quote most of Star Wars, and does his taxes by hand like an absolute madman.

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Leah Shelton

Project Manager

A marvelous coordinator in addition to being the most Marvel-est movie fan among us... Leah likes Marvel movies is what we’re trying to say.

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Alex Blumenthaler

Full Stack Developer

Big fan of source lines, bass lines, and well-written movie lines. Owner of the smallest espresso cup that ever was.

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Zak Hartzell

Content Writer

Former tetherball, four square, and jump rope champion of the fifth grade. Enjoys long runs and hummus.

Lukee's Headshot'



Enjoys tornado sirens, giving sneak kisses, and being a tech disruptor (specifically Zoom calls).

The Chek Network is Always Growing

We partner with designers, marketers, media experts, and other creative professionals to craft the websites and brand packages our clients deserve.

Convinced your talents are a strong fit for our organization? We’d love to hear from you.


Our Mission

Digital products should provide tremendous organizational value without sacrificing approachability or ease of use. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs, organizations, and communities through thoughtful design and development.

What We Value


The challenge and excitement of finding answers to difficult questions drives us in everything we do. Because “good enough” is a phrase that has always made us cringe.


Candor and transparency are the bedrock of every relationship we enter into — both internally and externally; in business and in life.


Good decision-making often requires taking a beat. We value keeping the big picture in mind even when we’re stuck in the weeds of a tricky debate or particularly frustrating technical bug.


We don’t do things just to do them. We don’t build websites just to check a box. Our team wakes up wanting to make a positive change on the world around us.


We definitely embrace our own weirdness and those ideas that might at first seem a little out there. After all, that’s where the good stuff comes from half the time!


Read our FAQ for answers to common questions about web development and partnering with our agency.

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